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What Are Dental Bridges?

A gap in your teeth does more than just change the look of your smile. When you are missing a natural tooth, this actually changes the way you eat and speak in a normal way. Gaps also cause your other teeth to shift out of place, causing misalignment. At Made Ya Smile, we hope to correct this gap and restore the function and appearance of your smile with fixed dental bridges. 

A bridge is made of two or more crowns that attach to existing teeth, filling in the spaces of the arch. Our Cypress, TX clinic returns the natural function of your smile with custom fixed or removable bridges using high-quality materials. Missing teeth do not need to negatively impact your health, so we encourage you to see if bridges are the right option for you by calling our clinic today for a consultation. 

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

Replacing missing teeth is essential to restoring your ability to eat and speak with confidence. If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth in a row, this needs to be addressed to maintain the profile of your jaw, provide equal biting distribution in your mouth, and keep existing teeth from shifting or growing in the wrong places. Bridges are also an excellent alternative to a removable partial denture. 

The practitioners at Made Ya Smile give dental bridges a natural, custom-shaped appearance to match the rest of your teeth. Bridges are made up of three or more crowns joined together and typically rely on the neighboring teeth to work. The end of the bridge, also called an abutment, attaches over the teeth on either side of the open space. They may also attach to dental implants placed in the jawbone. The middle crown is the one that replaces the missing tooth. 

At our Cypress, TX clinic, we offer removable or fixed bridges that are traditional, supported by implants, cantilever, or Maryland-bonded, which are made of either ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal to match your tooth color. A consultation will help you understand if your teeth are strong enough to support a bridge, and what type of bridge is best suited for your needs. 

How Are Dental Bridges Placed?

To prepare you for a dental bridge, we administer a local anesthetic so you can feel more comfortable. Made Ya Smile also gives you options for sedation if you are nervous about getting your dental bridges. Our staff will remove part of the enamel from each side of the open space so the bridge will fit over the tooth structure. Practitioners take an impression of the teeth and give them to a lab to create the custom bridge, which usually takes 1 – 2 weeks. During that time you will be fitted for a temporary bridge so you may eat and speak normally. When we get your permanent bridge, Made Ya Smile will invite you back to our Cypress, TX office for a fitting, then we will attach the tooth into place securely. Depending on the type of bridge chosen, it will be supported by implants or your supporting teeth. Our practitioners will then check your bite to make sure it is comfortable and fitted correctly. 

How Can I Care for My Dental Bridge?

Following your visit, we recommend avoiding eating any food until the numbness has worn away in your lips, cheeks, and tongue. You may feel sensitivity in your teeth for a few days once the bridge has been placed. If your temporary or permanent bridge becomes loose, contact Made Ya Smile right away so we can give you a replacement as soon as possible. The permanent bridge may not fit correctly if the temporary one becomes loose or dislodged. 

Made Ya Smile also recommends a smart home care technique to keep your teeth and gums clean and cavity-free. Our knowledgeable team will teach you how to brush and floss with your new bridge in place during your final appointment, as well as schedule future follow-up appointments to make sure the dental bridge is functioning properly. 

Will My Insurance Cover a Dental Bridge?

Depending on your coverage, dental health insurance may cover a part of your procedure. Our staff at Made Ya Smile will call your provider to learn about your specific plan and coverage. We gladly accept most PPO plans and will work with you if you do not have insurance. Our Cypress, TX clinic wants all patients to have a healthy, bright smile, which means making sure they have access to excellent dental care. We also accept a range of flexible payment options as well as CareCredit®.

Dental Bridges FAQ

How long does it take for my dental bridge to feel normal?
The majority of our patients are able to adjust to their tooth replacement in about two weeks. Dental bridges can be used for your front teeth and back teeth. Both types of dental bridges take the same amount of time to heal. Our Cypress, TX team recommends avoiding hot and cold foods and using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth during this two week period to help with any associated pain or discomfort.

How long will my bridge last?
If you maintain a proper oral hygiene routine, keep up with annual exams and biannual dental cleanings, and get preventative care, your dental bridge will last a long time. Dental bridges, on average, last anywhere between 10 – 15 years.

Can you eat normally with a dental bridge?
When you have a dental bridge put in place, there are no food or drinks that are restricted. Your dental bridge will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

Restore Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Even if you only need one tooth replaced, it is important to fill the gap for an overall healthy, confident smile that functions properly. If not cared for, missing teeth may lead to more expensive and complex procedures in the future. Instead, our skilled team at Made Ya Smile is proud to offer this service to our community in Cypress, TX. Custom fixed and removable bridges help replace missing teeth for better oral health. Schedule your consultation today with our caring dentists. 

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