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What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?

Sports are an essential part of our patients' lives, which is why we encourage our local Cypress, TX community to engage in their favorite activities as often as they want. At Made Ya Smile, our dental team also recommends keeping your teeth protected, which is why we always encourage patients to wear an athletic mouth guard when they are playing sports such as basketball, baseball, wrestling, boxing, hockey, or others — whether or not it's a contact or non-contact activity. This greatly reduces the risk of trauma or injury to their teeth or jawbone while reducing the amount of strain on the jaw joints. Made Ya Smile creates custom mouth guards that fit perfectly to increase safety and comfort. If you or your child love playing sports, contact our team in Cypress today to learn more about how mouth guards can help you. 

Who Is a Candidate for Athletic Mouth Guards?

Athletic mouth guards can decrease the risk of injury to your mouth if you're playing sports that require physical contact. They are traditionally designed to fit between the lower and upper arches to effectively cover the gums and teeth, essentially offering a layer of protection. The practitioners at Made Ya Smile make sure these appliances are made from high-quality, long-lasting materials instead of the boil-and-bite models that can be found at sporting goods shops. 

Those who wear braces, fillings, crowns, or veneers, mouth guards can minimize the impact on their teeth and gum tissues while keeping your restorations firmly in place. If left unprotected, blunt force trauma can seriously cause damage to your smile that takes time and costly procedures to fix. For this reason, the experienced general dentists at Made Ya Smile in Cypress, TX hope to provide you with a better alternative to dental care.

How Are Sports Mouth Guards Made?

When you visit our Cypress, TX clinic for your initial consultation, our practitioners will assess your teeth and jaw to understand the best type of mouth guard for your needs. Our team will take impressions of your lower and upper arches to make a model of your mouth. This is used by a dental technician to form the custom mouth guard with high-quality materials and the color of your choice. Once they have been created, the dentists at Made Ya Smile will schedule you for another appointment to make sure they fit comfortably when you wear them. We also provide helpful instructions about how to store and clean your new athletic guard. 

How Can I Care for My Mouth Guard Appliance?

After your appointment with Made Ya Smile, you can freely use your mouth guard while engaging in your favorite sports activity. Unfortunately, we often see patients with injuries to the teeth and gums that could have been prevented if they wore a mouth guard. This is why we encourage you to wear it whenever you need protection from dental trauma. Our practitioners and assistants will also provide you with helpful information about cleaning and storing your mouth guard so it will last for as long as you need it. At Made Ya Smile, we encourage you to bring the mouth guard with you to future appointments, including your biannual cleaning and annual examination, so we can check the fit and condition. It's important to upgrade the mouth guard when your child has outgrown theirs. 

Are Mouth Guards Covered by Insurance?

The general dentists at Made Ya Smile will help you review your payment options during your first consultation at our clinic. If you have dental insurance, your provider may offer full or partial coverage for the costs. Our staff will contact them to understand your benefits and total costs. If you do not use dental insurance or plan on paying out-of-pocket, we offer several convenient payment methods. Made Ya Smile also has third-party financing through CareCredit® plans in Cypress, TX.

Custom Mouth Guards for Sports

Athletes of all ages can give their smile the protection it needs while playing their favorite sport. Personalized mouth guards allow you to focus on the game instead of risking injury to the mouth, teeth, and gums. To schedule your next consultation in Cypress, TX, or to learn more about mouth guards, contact our team at Made Ya Smile. Our team is happy to address your questions and concerns about protecting your smile. 

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