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About Dental Exams

At Made Ya Smile, our team of practitioners believes that a person's oral health and overall health are very much connected. This is why we encourage patients to schedule a yearly dental exam as a way to stay proactive about their smile. For example, when teeth are crooked or misshapen, or if you are experiencing mild tooth pain, this affects your ability to speak, eat, or even enjoy your meals. During a comprehensive exam, our general dentists will be able to treat small issues before they require costly, extensive care. 

During this appointment, our Cypress, TX patients can expect a thorough exam for issues such as gum (periodontal) disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay, as well as other concerns that affect your overall bite and jaw. Made Ya Smile is committed to addressing each of your questions and concerns in a comfortable environment so you can better understand your oral health. With state-of-the-art tools such as low-radiation digital x-rays, our technology allows us to check for issues such as oral cancer with a minimally invasive approach. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our dental exams, contact the friendly team at Made Ya Smile. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious issue that affects tens of thousands of individuals each year. The practitioners at Made Ya Smile can help identify signs of oral cancer as a preventive measure during your yearly dental examination. At this appointment, our team identifies any areas that seem abnormal or have changed in the last year, such as the mouth, lips, cheeks, and tongue, checking soft tissues that might be precancerous or cancerous. Our doctors also examine the floor of the mouth and the major salivary glands. If we find red or raised skin, discolored patches, lumps, sores, or other irregular areas, our team may perform a biopsy with the help of a maxillofacial surgeon to understand the issue and know what next steps we need to take. 

Who Should Have a Dental Exam?

It's essential that everyone, no matter their age, should have a yearly dental examination. To save time, patients of Made Ya Smile in Cypress, TX, can get their annual screening at the same time as one of their biannual dental cleanings. The American Dental Association (ADA) also strongly recommends that children should have their first visit to the dentist before they turn one year old. This is an important exam for learning information about thumb sucking, baby bottle tooth decay, pacifier use, and other issues that affect young ones. Our knowledgeable practitioners also teach parents and guardians the best ways to take care of your children's teeth, gums, and jaw at home to keep their smiles healthy for life. 

Examinations for an adult will include screening for oral cancer as well as issues of the teeth, gums, and jaw. If you have restorations such as crowns or bridges, Made Ya Smile will ensure they are fitted correctly and comfortably. Unfortunately, some dental problems can't be seen on the surface, such as the beginning signs of gum disease. This is why a regular examination helps us understand your oral health completely, reducing the need for more expensive or painful treatments later in life. 

How Is A Dental Exam Performed?

When you arrive at Made Ya Smile, our general dentists and hygienists will assess your medical and family history, your overall health, medications you take, and any dental concerns you have, including any changes that may have happened since your last exam. The examination includes screening for oral cancer, looking at your overall bite and jaw joints (TMJ), and checking each tooth for decay or signs of gum disease. Patients with restorations will also have their crowns, bridges, and dentures examined. 

Made Ya Smiles uses top technology at our practice, which is why we use digital x-rays with low radiation to assess the health of your jaw and jawbone. Our dentists also use these images to check any abnormalities in the bone and to diagnose gum (periodontal) disease. Digital x-rays are helpful for understanding hidden problems such as decay in between teeth, which normally can't be seen with just a surface exam. Made Ya Smile uses these low-radiation machines as well as an intraoral camera to minimize your discomfort and keep every one of our Cypress, TX patients safe during their exam. After your appointment, we will give you a review of our findings and help you understand which treatments, if any, are needed.

How Often Should I Get A Dental Exam?

For convenience, the patients at Made Ya Smile gets their yearly dental exam at the same time as one of their dental cleanings. Depending on the state of your oral health, we may recommend you come in more frequently. When you visit our office for your appointment in Cypress, TX, one of our dentists will sit with you to answer your questions or concerns, teach you techniques for brushing and flossing, and give you tips about keeping a healthier, brighter smile at home. If you have a problem with something specific, we will also provide you with helpful instructions for that area. Made Ya Smile is committed to helping you achieve the dental care that you need. 

Will My Insurance Cover A Dental Exam?

Comprehensive dental exams are considered preventive care, which means they can be paid for by your dental insurance. Made Ya Smile will contact your dental provider to understand your benefits and review them with you. Patients who do not have dental insurance, or have out-of-pocket expenses, will be given several options for payment. Because we want you to get the dental care we need, we offer easy and affordable financing through CareCredit® and accept most PPO plans. 

Schedule Your Annual Dental Exam

While you may not be experiencing any signs or symptoms of dental issues, the practitioners at Made Ya Smile urge you to schedule yearly dental examinations at our office in Cypress, TX. Our team understands the importance of healthy teeth and gums so you can safely eat, speak, and enjoy your smile. When dental problems are addressed early, you can save yourself from more costly examinations later on. Get preventive dental care for yourself and your family in a welcoming environment today at Made Ya Smile. 

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