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About Dental Cleaning

The staff at Made Ya Smile hopes to provide excellent dental care and give your family the preventive treatment they need for healthy smiles. When it comes to your biannual dental cleaning, we hope to make your visit to our Cypress, TX office a comfortable one. During your appointment, our practitioners will clean your teeth to eliminate cavity-causing tartar, plaque, and food particles that stain your teeth on the surface. Our dentists also examine your teeth and gums to provide a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. 

We encourage you and your family to keep up with your oral health through routine cleanings twice per year at Made Ya Smile. This allows our general dentists to assess any areas of concern and treat them early on. To schedule a dental cleaning at our friendly practice, contact our office and make an appointment today. 

Who Should Have a Dental Cleaning?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends individuals get their teeth cleaned twice per year. Our team of practitioners at Made Ya Smile encourages patients to schedule cleanings more often if they are experiencing issues or concerns with their teeth or gums. Additionally, we recommend young children visit the dentist before they turn one year old. This allows families to be informed about specific issues such as thumbsucking or pacifier use. 

Biannual dental cleanings are essential for many reasons, including minimizing your risk for tooth decay, cavities, and gum (periodontal) disease. This is because cleanings help remove tartar and plaque, which are the main cause of these dental issues. Not only do regular cleanings remove harmful bacteria and prevent you from needing more costly treatments later on, but they also help create fresh, healthy smile patients can't wait to show off. 

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

The dental hygienists of Made Ya Smile in Cypress, TX strive to make dental cleanings a positive experience for patients of every age. When you arrive for your scheduled visit, our staff will use ultrasonic instruments and hand instruments to get rid of the harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar that form in between and on top of the teeth. Calcified plaque must be eliminated using a special instrument used at our office, as it can't be removed with regular brushing or flossing. Next, our practitioners will polish away surface stains for a bright finish, then administer a fluoride treatment at the end of the appointment. Fluoride is an excellent solution for children to strengthen their teeth, or for adults who want to reduce their risk of getting cavities. 

How Often Do I Need A Dental Cleaning?

Bi-annual dental cleanings are perfect for kids and adults of all ages who want to improve their overall oral health. However, patients who have gum disease may want to get treatment more often. If this is the case, general dentists of Made Ya Smile may recommend cleanings as often as every three to four months. During your cleaning, we will assess your mouth and provide you with solutions so you can continue to take care of your teeth at home. Our team is also helpful in demonstrating the best brushing and flossing techniques for specific areas that need attention. To schedule an appointment at our Cypress, TX clinic, simply give us a call to get a time slot that is most convenient for you. 

Will Insurance Cover A Dental Cleaning?

Preventive treatments such as dental cleanings are often covered by a general dental insurance plan. A member of our staff will call your insurance provider to determine how much of your procedure is covered. For those who have out-of-pocket costs, or for patients who do not have coverage, our team makes it easy to receive the care they need. Made Ya Smile accepts several different payment options and we work with most PPO plans for more affordable care. Additionally, you may also finance your visit by using CareCredit® in Cypress, TX. 

Dental Cleaning FAQ

What foods should I avoid after a teeth cleaning?
You may experience some sensitivity or mild irritation after your teeth cleaning, so we recommend avoiding any spicy, acidic, or heavily seasoned foods for the remainder of the day. Your Made Ya Smile Dentist will discuss with you the foods that are safe to eat after your cleaning and why certain foods should be avoided.

How long does it take to receive a dental cleaning?
The length of your dental cleaning appointment will depend on the current state of your oral health. In most cases, dental cleanings typically take an hour to an hour and a half to complete. If our team finds that an extensive cleaning is needed, your appointment could take longer.

How will I effectively keep my teeth clean after my appointment?
To keep your teeth clean after your appointment, you should continue to follow a daily oral care routine at home, along with your biannual professional cleanings. A proper oral care routine includes brushing and flossing at least twice a day. If you have questions on how to properly brush or floss your teeth, please don't hesitate to ask your dentist during your appointment.

Schedule Your Professional Dental Cleaning

Made Ya Smile has more than 30 years of experiencing providing families with excellent care, including dental cleanings in a welcoming environment. We hope to help patients of all ages by keeping their smiles healthy and bright in Cypress, TX. Visit our practice for your twice-yearly cleanings to reduce the need for more expensive treatments in the future. Schedule your dental appointment by contacting a friendly member of our staff today. 

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