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When decay is caught early, it is typically addressed with a simple filling. However, a patient may be in need of root canal therapy if the tooth decay expands from the outer tooth to the inner portion of the tooth. Made Ya Smile uses root canal therapy to remove the pulp from the tooth, clear our the cavity, then fill and seal off the tooth to heal it. This procedure is also known as endodontic treatment, and it's usually recommended to keep the decay from spreading. While root canals are a common treatment, patients often skip going to the dentist due to fear or dental anxiety. Our staff understands these fears, and we promise to help patients so they feel as comfortable as possible, especially with easy sedation options. Contact Made Ya Smile to schedule an appointment or consultation about root canal therapy today. 

Best Candidates

When an infection spreads to the pulp of the tooth, this is likely the result of a cavity or crack in the tooth, often due to physical injury. Patients in Cypress, TX may notice certain symptoms such as tooth or jaw pain, discolored or swollen gums, or even discoloration of the infected tooth. It's essential to remove the infected pulp as soon as possible, or it may spread to other parts of your mouth, becoming more painful and requiring more extensive treatment in the future. If you detect any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with Made Ya Smile as soon as possible so we may address the issue right away. As always, we will help you remain at ease during your examination and treatments. 

What To Expect

When patients feel anxiety about their root canal therapy, our practitioners go to every length to make sure you remain calm and relaxed throughout their procedure. This is why we discuss sedation options beforehand, such as nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, as well as oral-conscious sedation. We will discuss the benefits of each sedation option before your procedure at our Cypress, TX clinic. During the root canal therapy, a general dentist will examine the inner part of your tooth, then gently remove the infected pulp. Then we take the time to clean the inner chamber to make sure there is no more decay. Finally, the tooth is filled and sealed to protect it from further infection or damage. 


Recovery time will differ based on the type of sedation chosen before your root canal therapy at our practice. You may need to ask a trusted friend or family member to drive you home after your appointment. Patients usually feel sore and swollen, but these effects can easily be managed with anti-inflammatory medication and should wear off after a few days. Our Cypress, TX practitioners ask that you schedule a follow-up visit after six months as well as your twice-yearly cleanings so we can monitor the area and make sure the infection does not return. 

Insurance Coverage

During your initial consultation, our friendly administrative staff will review the estimated cost of the procedure after checking with your dental health insurance providers. Made Ya Smile hopes to meet your oral health needs within your budget, which is why we offer several methods of convenient payment. If you do not have insurance, we will also inform you about third-party payment options with low-interest financing in Cypress, TX. 

Root Canal Therapy

Due to new state-of-the-art medical technology, procedures such as root canal therapy have become a quick and simple process for treating an infection of the tooth. Along with your choice for sedation, Made Ya Smile hopes to make your treatment as pain-free and comfortable as possible. If you have noticed a change in your smile and believe you need root canal therapy, contact our Cypress, TX office now before more extensive treatment is needed. Learn more by giving our office a call today. 

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