Will I Get Cavities While Having Cosmetic Veneers?

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cavities and veneers

Our staff at Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX provides ceramic veneers to enhance their patients’ smiles in Cypress, TX. Veneers are thin coverings that are placed to the front-facing region of the client's teeth. Our team can attach these veneers to create adjustments to construct a gorgeous, natural smile. They are custom-made for every patient to mimic their natural teeth and to alter the shape, color, size, or length of each patient's teeth. During your initial evaluation, we will evaluate your gums and teeth extensively to determine if you’re a candidate for veneers.

What causes cavities?

Buildup that sticks to the teeth can accumulate both above and below the gumline, which is harder to remove. If plaque lasts, it decreases protective elements in your enamel. This damage will create miniscule hollows or inlets, which is a preliminary sign of tooth decay.

If the enamel comes off, microbes and acids will likely begin breaking down the lower strata of your tooth called the dentin, which is weaker than your enamel. The dentin has immediate connection to the nervous tissue of a tooth, which can result in increased sensitivity to temperature and touch. Oftentimes a patient realizes that there’s an issue, in this circumstance.

Could you develop tooth decay with ceramic veneers?

Erroneously placed veneers can leave teeth vulnerable to cavities, specifically due to the fact that a section of the enamel is removed to make room for their installation. A number of individuals could take drugs that produce dry mouth, or they could currently possess a compromised immune response, which impacts their propensity for cavities or infection. In fact, several people who have cavities beneath veneers may not have been top-notch patients to begin with. Patients with active gum disease or cavities are more expected to get decay after having veneers.

Making your veneers last

The most effective approach for a client to avoid tooth decay overlaid with a veneer is by utilizing a consistent oral cleansing regimen. Going to routine dental exams and frequent dental cleanings help make sure that your dental health remains at its best. Maintaining your teeth with veneers with the same method that you maintain the other parts of your mouth is critical for your veneers and total dental health.

What treatments are available for cavities?

At Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX in Cypress, TX, our highly qualified team employs tooth-colored fillings to plug them. Tooth decay can be detected during a dental examination. Tooth-colored fillings could, furthermore, improve fractured or broken teeth. Since the fillings are created from composite resin, they can seamlessly look like the individual's natural tooth shade. Oral fillings are realistic and enable you to bolster your smile. With regular cleaning, these dental fillings should last for many years.

Find out how to take care of teeth when you have porcelain veneers

After getting veneers to boost your smile’s appearance in Cypress, TX, it’s important to take proper care of your veneers. Cavities might show up in any person, but they don’t have to harm the beauty of your smile. For people who have veneers, our team at Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX suggest scheduled oral assessments and professional cleanings. An at-home dental maintenance procedure protects your veneers and keeps your teeth and gums their happiest.

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