How Many Problems Can a Loose Crown Result in?

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If your dental crown is out, you will need to be aware of the best steps to take to protect the tooth. Dental crowns can fall out due to tooth decay, an injury, and even bruxism. Though a crown falling out can be alarming, our team at Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX is here to help. We will examine your tooth to determine the ideal method to improve your smile at our Cypress, TX dental office. We might also examine the tooth to figure out why it fell out, giving us the best possible course of action to avoid harmful bacteria from accessing the tooth's inner cavity. In short, you need to care for the tooth underneath immediately before it becomes more challenging to rectify.

What to do when your crown comes out

After a dental crown has come off, adhere to these measures to effectively safeguard your tooth:

  1. Take the crown out of your mouth: Firstly, try not to misplace it. Once you remove the crown, put it in a sanitary cloth to carry to our practice.
  2. Visit an emergency care dentist: Contact Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX to set up an emergency dentist appointment to have your dental crown repaired.
  3. Utilize nonpermanent filling material: A temporary filling serves to safeguard the tooth before your dental visit and make sure no food gets lodged into the broken tooth. It's important to clean the tooth in-depth before concealing it with the filling material.
  4. Make sure it stays clean: Good dental care is never not crucial, but it's certainly necessary if you have a crown that has come off. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water following meals to eliminate bacteria.
  5. Be careful when it comes to eating: If you’re suffering from dental sensitivity or pain, make an attempt to chew food on the other side of the mouth.

By following these measures, you can guarantee that you’re not harming it.

The ways that dental crowns work

Dental crowns are coverings that fit right over a native tooth. They are utilized to reinvigorate a tooth with an extreme cavity or to defend the remaining portion of the enamel from further damage. They also help keep your tooth alignment straight. Before preparing the tooth for a dental crown, individuals will receive local anesthesia to remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Once the patient has been numbed, our team will prepare the tooth by removing all damage. The impacted tooth may be built up later on to match the size of neighboring teeth.

How long do dental crowns last?

It's essential to be aware that crowns won't last forever. Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth because the pressure may loosen a dental crown. A personalized night guard can help preserve your crown along with your other teeth. Also, don’t bite down on solid objects like pens, ice, or certain types of candy. With great oral habits, regular dental exams, and routine cleanings, dental crowns can last up to 15 – 20 years.

Learn more about dental crown repair in Cypress, TX

At Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX, our team will assess your tooth to decide the best dental crown repair plan. Depending on how much of it is damaged, we could fix it with resin. But in some instances, your crown might need to be smoothed. In more drastic situations, a second crown may be needed. Contact our Cypress, TX office today to schedule an emergency dental appointment for crown repair.

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