The Worst Foods To Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants can restore your smile by filling the empty spaces where natural teeth used to appear, or they can replace any weak or decayed teeth. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Cypress, TX proudly offer the latest in dental implants that provide a safe and thorough approach to getting the most out of your grin.

To ensure the safety of your new dental implants after surgery, there are various foods you’ll need to avoid to help your smile recover from the process and allow the implant to adjust to your mouth. The following is what you’ll need to avoid these for a few weeks after your surgery.

Tougher foods to chew

Start by avoiding foods that may be tough on your teeth and require extra biting pressure to process them. These include raw vegetables, steaks, and other thick items that might be hard for an implant to manage at the start. Be sure to avoid these foods for a few weeks after the surgery to allow the jaw tissue to heal.

Foods that can stick

The implant site requires enough time to heal to allow it to handle the same amount of stress and pressure as your natural teeth. You’ll need to avoid sticky foods that are often tough to clean off and bite into, as attempting to bite anything sticky can add excess pressure that could dislodge the implant if you’re not careful enough. Foods like caramel and other things that can stick should be avoided for a couple of weeks.

Very hot foods

Coffee, hot soup, and other hot foods can aggravate the implant site and make it harder to recover. The tissue will be sensitive after the surgery, so avoiding anything overly hot is recommended.

Avoid spicy foods as well, including hot peppers and spices and anything else in foods that might make them feel hotter than usual. These spicy materials can irritate your gums and harm how well the area can recover.

Use your best judgment

Our experts at Made Ya Smile of Cypress will ensure the implant goes in the right spot and that the area will heal well. But the healing process will be easier to manage if you avoid eating anything that may irritate the area or cause any discomfort.

For example, do not eat foods with small bits that can break off and stick in the area after the surgery. This includes crunchy foods like chips or popcorn or any other food that can break apart very easily.

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Dental implants can be essential for your smile, as they can restore your smile and prevent possible jawbone loss. But be sure that you’re careful after your procedure and follow the necessary rules for what to do. You can consult us at Made Ya Smile of Cypress, TX for further details on how dental implants work and what to expect from the effort. Visit our website to schedule a visit at our office on the Northwest Freeway in Cypress, TX.

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