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If you don't already have your yearly dental cleaning on the calendar, back-to-school time might be the ideal time to fit it in. While your family is coming in for cleanings twice a year, it's always beneficial to see the dentist for a check-up at least once, especially as kids and teens grow and oral health becomes an issue they take care of on their own.

Below we'll look at why fall is an excellent time to schedule a dental check-up at Made Ya Smile Cypress in Cypress, TX.

Why are annual dental exams important for your child?

School-aged children not only need to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, but as their adult and wisdom teeth come in, they are prone to issues like overcrowding or bite issues that can affect the way they smile, speak, and eat.

An annual dental exam is a crucial part of your child's health. During the exam, a dentist will inspect their teeth and examine 3D images and x-rays or high-definition intraoral photos that allow us to recommend a course of treatment for any abnormalities or other dental issues that may give your child trouble in the future. This may mean considering braces, a timeline for wisdom tooth extraction, recommendations for sealants, or simply giving them tips on how to stay free of cavities and gum disease.

What makes the beginning of the school year an ideal time for a dental exam?

A new school year means a fresh start. Often, over the summer, we relax our routines and indulge in sweet treats. Ensuring your child isn't developing cavities due to plaque buildup is the best way to avoid costly restorative work down the road.

Let's face it, kids and adults need a reminder that brushing twice a day and flossing daily are a recipe for success. A dental check-up is a good reminder for the whole family to get back into a healthy routine.

Scheduling a dental exam at the beginning of the school year can also help your family plan follow-up care, if necessary. If more dental work is needed, you'll have a chance to plan in advance and schedule work around other events during the school year.

What happens during an annual dental check-up?

Our team will typically do an annual check-up during one of your child's cleanings. Depending on their age, an exam may involve x-rays or other imagery. Overall, the dentist will be concerned with how their teeth feel, how they're growing, and whether your child has any issues eating, speaking, or smiling without discomfort.

A dentist will also look at their gums to check for signs of gum disease and inspect any fillings or other restorations they have to ensure everything is in good shape.

Dental exams are no need to stress since they're typically just an inspection.

Schedule your child's back-to-school dental check-up in Cypress, TX

Made Ya Smile Dental in Cypress, TX has a great team of caring dentists who are ready to make your child's annual dental exam as drama-free as possible.

Even if your family is blessed with perfect smiles, scheduling an annual exam with our team will give you confirmation that everyone is on track with their oral health.

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