Symptoms to Know When a Missing Filling is a Dental Emergency

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Fixing a damaged tooth filling is certainly not an enjoyable time. When a dental filling breaks, it's not typically classified as a dental emergency. Still, it's critical to visit a dental professional promptly because tooth decay may spread to the area that was underneath the filling, bringing on a dental issue.

Damaged teeth or other oral concerns that are ignored may detrimentally affect an individual's overall dental wellness. At Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX, our professional dentists can help ease your discomfort at our premier dental practice in Cypress, TX. Read on to discover more regarding when you should seek urgent dental treatment for a loose tooth filling.

When to know if you're having a dental emergency

Usually, a dental emergency could be considered any situation that involves jaw trauma, excessive bleeding, and other signs. Major oral problems require immediate treatment. These are a few usual oral emergencies:

  • An abscessed tooth
  • An injured jawline
  • Fracture to the gum tissues
  • Loose tooth or restoration
  • Misplaced filling

Facts about tooth fillings

Fillings are performed to replenish enamel worn away by decay. To treat tooth decay, our Cypress, TX dental practitioners can eradicate the damaged area of the tooth and then conceal the hole with a dental filling. Dental fillings might also be utilized to restore cracked teeth or even teeth that have been affected by bruxism and other habits. After we eradicate the cavities and cleanse the area, the tooth filling material can be applied. After the treatment technique is complete, our dentists will remove any excess material and polish your filling.

Call our Cypress, TX center if you have a dental emergency

Tooth fillings are very reliable and meant to be long-lasting, but things happen. In fact, it's not unusual for one to become loose because of everyday wear and tear. When you're suffering from this common dental problem, you should seek help immediately. When you fail to, it could result in more issues. The exact same bacteria that resulted in your tooth decay may creep into the opening left by cracked filling, causing further damage within the tooth. It's not possible to take care of a cracked dental filling on your own. But you could use a few things on your own to alleviate any discomfort before getting help.

At Made Ya Smile Cypress, TX, our dental professionals set aside time on some days for dental emergencies, including broken tooth fillings. If our practice is closed, follow our advice to determine things you can do for emergency dental care. When you have a dental concern or fractured tooth filling, speak with our team in Cypress, TX for aid.

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