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Lumineers® are exciting dental veneers that can restore your smile’s appearance without any intensive or invasive procedures. Lumineers are different from traditional veneers as they don’t require us to remove any enamel from your tooth. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Cypress in Cypress, TX can apply new Lumineers veneers over your teeth today. These veneers will last for years, plus the procedure can be reversed, if necessary, without removing any extra enamel.

Understanding Lumineers

Lumineers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are as thin as a contact lens. At about 0.02 mm thick, these are around half as thick as traditional porcelain veneers, creating a body that doesn’t require the removal of any enamel from your tooth. The thin body produces a translucent appearance that matches your natural tooth while also reflecting light well, just like the rest of your teeth.

How are Lumineers applied to the existing teeth?

Lumineers are designed to be easier for your teeth to handle, but you may be curious about how they work if they don’t require us to trim any enamel from your tooth. We’ll start by taking an impression of your smile and using the results to dictate the proper shape and size of your veneer. A dental lab will review the results and produce a new veneer based on what appears in our results.

We can then affix the Lumineers over your teeth after it is ready about one to two weeks after your first visit. We will use a bonding agent to keep the veneer in its place while using a beveled edge to clear any excess bonding solutions. The veneer is then polished to ensure it remains smooth without bulging or otherwise creating an unusual sensation.

What else makes Lumineers great?

Lumineers are perfect for your smile because they can last for up to twenty years in many cases. The timeframe for how long they can last will vary over how well your care for your teeth, as proper dental care can ensure your veneer will stay intact and healthy.

The veneers won’t require any intensive efforts to get them ready, and you won’t require any anesthesia, injections, or anything else during the process. You will not require as much downtime after the procedure, although our dentists at Made Ya Smile can provide guidance on how to care for your Lumineers well.

Lumineers can also resist stains and discoloration, so they will create a natural look for years to come. The procedure is also reversible in cases where the Lumineers might stick out from the rest of your teeth. We can remove the bonding material from the veneer and then apply a new one with a different color, shape, or size as necessary.

Ask us about how Lumineers can improve your smile

Lumineers are different from other dental veneers because they are thinner and easier to apply. They will provide great results for years to come, so ask us at Made Ya Smile Cypress in Cypress, TX for help. Our team approach at Made Ya Smile can help you find a quality veneer that works for your dental needs. Schedule an appointment for services with us at our Cypress location today.

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